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On the 20th March 2021, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) published their response to last year’s consultation process and submissions received from the public and parking industry stakeholders regarding the introduction of a Government backed Single Code of Practice for parking on Private Land.

The Official Response can be accessed here

It is worth pointing out that the current response at the moment will only affect Parking in England as Scotland & Wales have yet to agree and accept the proposal from Westminster, however it is anticipated that this will be broadly accepted across the UK although some regional difference may apply.

We are deeply concerned and disappointed by the Ministry’s response. We feel that it is a wasted opportunity that will achieve little more than to create a number of unintended consequences to the detriment of landowners, motorists, operators, and other industry stakeholders.

We are especially disappointed that the Ministry has rejected the widespread public support (80%) for a three-tiered parking charge system in favour of the local authority model. Under the proposed model, there will be a Higher set of charges for parking within Greater London and a Lower set of charges for the rest of England and presumably the UK. Under the new scheme it is suggested that Parking Charges would reflect the following:

Class Charge inside London Charge outside London Discount Level for payment within 14 days
Parking without a Permit in a permit holders car park Higher £ 130 £ 100 (enhanced) 50%
Parking on land where parking is not permitted Higher £ 130 £ 100 (enhanced) 50%
Stopping on a Roadway where stopping is not permitted Higher £ 130 £ 100 (enhanced) 50%
Parked in a disabled bay without a valid Blue Badge Higher £ 130 £ 100 (enhanced) 50%
Parked causing an obstruction Higher £130 £ 70 50%
Parked in a restricted area Higher £130 £ 70 50%
Failure to Pay for Parking in a charge car park Lower £ 80 £ 50 50%
Overstaying the time purchased in a charge car park Lower £ 80 £ 50 50%
Overstaying the time allowed in a Max Stay car park Lower £ 80 £ 50 50%
Failure to park correctly within the markings of a bay Lower £ 80 £ 50 50%
Inputting the incorrect vehicle registration on a ticket or permit £20 through the Appeals Charter £20 through the Appeals Charter

As it stands, the Ministry’s response may well see car park owners having to charge for parking (where it had been offered for free previously) to combat a selfish and irresponsible minority of motorists who breach terms and conditions.

It is also foreseeable that the Ministry’s proposals will lead to a rise in selfish parking which will deny responsible motorists access to retail outlets, hospitals, transport hubs, and residential parking facilities etc. There is also a fear that the Ministry’s proposals will incentivise rogue parking operators who will be able to operate without having to request DVLA data.

The IPC and the BPA have called for the Secretary of State to intervene and to pause the MHCLG and BSI processes – pending the swift resolution of industry concerns on this matter.

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