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With over 30 years of expertise in parking management, Excel has a wide range of solutions that make us the perfect partner for all your parking needs. 


Committed to sustainability, Excel prioritises eco-friendly solutions in all operations.

Industry Leaders

We offer a wide range of parking services


Dedicated to cutting-edge technology, we continuously advance our services.

Your parking problems, expertly solved.

At Excel, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke car park management solutions that address every operational aspect, regardless of your facility’s size, nature, or location. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we approach each prospective arrangement with individual attention and detail.

Our Partners

Whatever your sector, we are here to help.

We cater to a diverse clientele, including Blue Chip companies and NHS Trusts, offering tailored parking solutions across sectors such as shopping centres, hospitals, airports, and events. Our flexible approach ensures we can meet the parking needs of businesses across various sectors.


Parking solutions for healthcare facilities.


Tailored parking services for schools and universities.


Event parking management for seamless experiences.


Convenient parking options for shoppers.


Parking solutions for transportation hubs.


Parking services for recreational facilities.

Car Park Managment

Excels bespoke car park management solutions cover all aspects of operations; regardless of size, nature and location. We treat every prospective arrangement on an individual basis with your very own custom made solution.


Our Services

ANPR Technology

Harnessing cutting-edge ANPR technology, the deployment of this system in car parks deters motorist from abusing the parking terms & conditions.


40 years expertise offering consultancy, planning, and feasibility studies.

Customer Service

Excel ensures unwavering commitment with out-of-hours helpline, supportive operations for resolution.

Signage & Machine Installation

Excel Parking Services provides a versatile array of options tailored to meet diverse needs. Our meticulously crafted signs, imbued with precision, seamlessly align with clients’ requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and satisfaction. In addition to our sign solutions, we specialize in seamless machine installations, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and convenience for both clients and end-users.


Benefit from the latest in payment technology with our professionally installed top-of-the-range machines, delivering seamless transactions and enhanced convenience for users.


Each car park's signage is meticulously crafted and thoughtfully planned to provide a personalized experience, ensuring clear guidance and ease of navigation for every visitor.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR cameras in car parks quickly identify license plates, aiding in management, payments, security, and enforcement.


Vehicle number plates are photographed


OCR technology identifies plate characters


Database processes details to detect non-compliant vehicles

Infrared capability enables 24/7 operation.

What People Think About Us

With clients nationwide, one person noted…

Certified across the board.

We take great pride in our accreditations, which serve as a testament to our commitment to quality, professionalism, and excellence in our field.

Make Excel your Parking Specialist Today

Visit the My Parking Charge website to find out full details and instruction on how to pay and appeal your parking charge notice.

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