At Excel, we are constantly innovating

We are a technology leader within our field and have seen the demand for parking systems, controls and in particular traffic management change and evolve over the last 5 years, to the extent that we have adapted our technological offerings to reflect this.

Improving Product:

Our latest range of products in particular for the dealing with issues surrounding traffic monitoring and traffic safety have been exceptionally effective and proven very appealing to a number of major Airport Clients in the UK. The key benefits of the new Red Route Surveillance systems include the ability to rapidly deploy onto existing street furniture and connect to existing infrastructure leading to a “No Dig” installation. Additionally the whole solution works on mobile data technology using the now readily available 4G and 5G networks providing real time video transmission with performance greater than conventional fixed line services.

The core benefit of this solution is that we are able to stream live footage into our monitoring and control room to manage road networks around the Airports, to ensure that traffic flows correct and safely around the site and avoid potentially dangerous interactions. Incidents can be identified quickly and where necessary affirmative action taken or reported to Airport Security to address.

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