Ticket Issue
It is often forgotten how fundamental well run private car parks are to ensure motorists have convenient places to park. Thankfully, the majority of motorists are respectful to landowners’ rights and abide by the reasonable rules they impose as a condition of parking on their land. Indeed, it is equally frustrating for those very motorists and landowners when they see the minority breach the rules and appear to get away with it. If this were allowed to continue it would encourage others to ignore the rules, and car parks would cease to be available for the use they are intended. It is a fundamental requirement to have a robust method of enforcing against motorists who breach the rules, to protect the car parks for the rest of society.


Excel Parking Services Limited is an accredited member of the International Parking Community’s (the IPC) Code of Practice and as such we have to demonstrate that our car park signage is fit for purpose in terms of informing motorists of the terms and conditions of use. The Code demands that we have processes in place to ensure any motorist who is issued with a Parking Charge Notice has the ability to appeal to the operator and, should they be unsuccessful, appeal further to an independent adjudicator (at no cost to the motorist) who will look at the lawfulness of the parking charge. The cost of the independent appeal is paid for by private operators.

When using a car park or private roads/areas, we always advise motorists to check the signage in place and ensure they read and understand the terms and conditions of parking. If they are satisfied that they are able to comply with the conditions, then remain on the car park or find an alternative location to park. Finally, should they experience difficulties, contact a parking attendant, if one is on site, or phone the helpline number advertised on the signage and, where appropriate, the pay and display machines.

Excel use a bespoke ticket and permit processing software which provides the most competent and effective service possible to our clients. The software package called Integrated Car Parking System (ICPS) enables traffic management operators to control all administration from a central location, record and track PCN’s and produce and record any number of permits for any site.