Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of Contracts do you have available?
We have short and long term contracts to suit every requirement.
What will it cost me?
Our services cost you nothing, our revenue is generated seperately to the management of the car park.
Are you recognised by any Professional bodies?
Excel Parking Services is CCAS registered and recognised by the BPA.
What length of contract do I have to sign up for?
There is no obligation to sign up for any length of contract, get in touch for a free discussion on how we can help you.
Are you covered by insurance?
We are fully insured for our staff and practices. Documentation is available upon request.
What about frequent visitors?
We have a fully customisable whitelist system to accomodate all your needs.
Do you provide the staff?
We provide all staffing & human resources requirements in house.
Do you provide training?
Our staff are fully trained and updated with constant development.
Who handles the ticketing?
We handle all ticketing and permit applications, including any inquiries and complaints.
Are you industry compliant?
We are fully industry compliant.