A Focus on Sustainability

We are an ISO14001:2015 accredited company. We put our commitment to sustainability and responsibility towards the environment at the centre of our business activities, which is why we have been able to demonstrate year on year positive development across all of our environmental objectives.

We understand that our business has a responsibility to both our local environment and the places in which we work as well as a broader obligation to reduce our impact and contribute to Global efforts to reduce our impact and contribute to Global efforts to reduce the effects of climate change, which is why we target ourselves to achieve more.


Actively reducing waste going to Landfill – Through both a strategic sourcing approach and active recycling and waste management we have been able to offset and eliminate Landfill waste from within our Head Office activities for the last 2 years.

Reduce car journeys and reduce fleet vehicle emissions. We actively manage our fleet to optimise journeys and route planning and carefully monitor MPG fuel consumption to ensure that we minimise our reliance on fossil fuels. In conjunction with this we regularly update our fleet vehicles and have transitioned to ULEZ compliant vehicles using predominantly EU6 rated diesel engines.

Reduce energy consumption in our offices – to reduce our energy consumption we have moved away from heating with Natural Gas by switching over to electric based heating and air heat exchanger systems. This is in conjunction with upgrading our office lighting to full LED panels triggered and activated on PIR motion sensors with timers rather than light switches. As a further update our office equipment we replaced older monitors and screens with A* energy rated LED panel displays.

Reduce power demand in car parks – One of our primary objectives was to move parking to a carbon neutral position and to achieve this we expanded the number of sites that operate with Solar power equipment and also using App and phone based parking services rather than to rely on conventional mains powered equipment. At present 60% of the parking estate we manage has Solar Power devices installed.


Visit the My Parking Charge website to find out full details and instruction on how to pay and appeal your parking charge notice.

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